I must admit that I was a little suspicious of today's reviewed wine. The 2006, 3 Trees Pinot Noir, from Australia, was on sale for $11.99. In the past I've been mostly unimpressed with Pinot's at this price point. Well, I'm still unimpressed. This wine had very little flavor that I could pick up and seemed somewhat uninspired. Not much to note on the nose and when I took the first sip Pinot Noir was the last thing that came to mind. After it warmed a little I was able to pick up a little blackberry and spice but nothing that overwhelmed me. Kind of a blah finish as well. I gave this one 2 Corkscrews because it was drinkable, barely, and I didn't pour it down the sink. Avoid this one if you can. Sit Long, Talk Much, Laugh Often, Drink Wine (Something Else for sure)!

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noble pig said...

I agree with your comment about Pinot at this price point..it usually doesn't work. When I get my Pinot in the ground, who knows what I'm going to have to charge to even break even.