Now some of you may be wondering why a wine blog has two cameras shown in its latest post. Today instead of giving advice on wine, travel, etc., I'm asking for advice. You'll see how this will actually have an affect on this site. A little history. About three months ago, or so, I decided to get serious about photography. Having some experience with Nikon at work, I automatically assumed that I would end up buying a Nikon for personal use. That was until I started researching which model to buy. After lots of reading and scouring the internet, as well as talking to a boatload of individuals with cameras, I've narrowed it to a Canon EOS 40D, Digital, or a Nikon D80. Now it would make this process so much easier if both of the manufacturers would send me one of each for testing and an unbiased review. And if that happens I will give each a fair shake. For some reason I'm not real confident that those cameras will be arriving on my doorstep anytime soon, so I'm asking all of you readers out there who have experience with either of these, to weigh in. And before I get lots of e-mail telling me it's not a fair comparison seeing that the Nikon D80 is so much less than the Canon EOS 40D, I will stipulate that going in. But does a $1400.00 camera, the Canon, perform that much better than an $800.00 camera, the Nikon? Let me know what you think and I'll post all comments. Now how is this going to affect this website? My plan is that once I purchase the winning camera, if I don't get one in the mail before that, I will photograph all of my reviewed bottles for inclusion in my reviews. I'll also post some of the photographs I intend on taking of other points of interest as well. I look forward to hearing your comments. Sit Long, Talk Much, Laugh Often, Tell Me What Camera to Buy!


Anonymous said...

I should preface my comments regarding which camera to choose by fully disclosing that I own the Canon 40d. Having said that, I can attest to the quality build and superlative pictures that can be captured by this camera. Instead of recommending a camera or equipment manufacture (which believe me will initiate an endless stream of testimonials on either side), I would recommend on buying a quality lens. Taking still life photos (like wine bottles) would highly benefit from a quality piece of glass. I'd stick to prime lens (35mm, 50mm, 75mm) as they tend to be spot-on sharp with excellent bokeh. I think you'd be surprised with the professional results; especially when used with natural light and a tri-pod. As a aside, given the conversion factor of both cameras, you'll get a little extra reach with your lens....for example a 50mm lens will act like a 80mm lens with your camera setup.

Rob W said...

Thanks for the feedback. I've gone back and forth many times but I think I've decided on the Nikon. I arrived at that by figuring I would spend the money saved on better lenses. I'm still open to more comments as I'm about two weeks away from making the purchase.