This review is one I've had on my desk for quite some time but just hadn't gotten around to posting it to the site. A 2006 Hunt Country Vineyards Semi-Dry Riesling from the Finger Lakes Region of New York. This one had an excellent nose with a vision of "freshness" coming to mind when I first took it fully into my nose. After tasting I noted that it also tasted fresh and light on the palate with just the right amount of sweetness. True to its name, it exhibited a little bit of dryness but not the kind of dryness that makes you feel like you're drinking air. Nice, smooth finish made this an overall enjoyable one. I easily awarded it 4 Corkscrews. It retails on the Hunt Country Vineyards website for $13.99 but looks like it is going fast as they only have 5 cases left. Get it while you can! Sit Long, Talk Much, Laugh Often, Drink this Riesling!

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BHale said...

Cool blog! Just found it from a reference on Nat DeCant's website.
Nice to see it's from Arkansas too!