Tuesday, September 4, Little Rock, AR
As many of you know who visit my site often, and that figure seems to be growing daily, I primarily write reviews of a variety of wines that I think are affordable. On occasion I’ll also write a travel anecdote or a synopsis of an article I’ve seen that I want to share with fellow wine lovers. I’ve also written reviews a few times about really cool products I’ve tried and want everyone to know about. Today I wanted to put a few lines on paper about a great new business, or better yet, idea, that I literally stumbled across. Payperpost.com was a web site I read about in an article in the Wall Street Journal that ran several weeks ago. When I got home from work the night the article ran, I had to check it out as the concept sounded like a great idea! I learned that it was a community of web site publishers and fellow bloggers who have the opportunity to check out a variety of different sites and products, and then write a review of them. As I already write reviews of wine I thought this would be right up my alley. And it was! I’ve discovered some great new web sites and products and have had the good fortune to meet other bloggers who are passionate about a wide variety of topics. I’m sold on payperpost.com and recommend that you check out their site if you’ve got a few minutes to discover something totally new. That’s especially true to my fellow bloggers listed in my Wine Joints I Like section. Sit Long, Talk Much, Laugh Often, Drink Wine and Check out Payperpost.com.
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