Tuesday, August 21, Little Rock, AR
I found today's reviewed wine on the sale rack, (I've really got to get over to my wine connection), of my local, overpriced retail store. O'Looney's you know who you are! If they would offer more wine in the $8-10 range I would go by there at least every other week. As it is, I only go there under dire circumstances, i.e. I forget to go somewhere affordable. Very knowledgeable staff, for the most part, but they are consistently $2-3/bottle higher than a store 5 miles away. But on with the review.
A Pinot Noir from Chile? That was my thought but I was feeling adventurous, and couldn't stand to pay any more than the $11.49/bottle I ended up paying for this. I unscrewed the cap, yes another screw top, and poured a glass. On the nose I picked up a little bit of strawberry but not a whole lot else. On the palate I noted cherry and strawberry that came across as bitter at first. After it had been opened an hour or so, the flavors seemed to balance out a little better and the bitterness went away. A little oak noted as well with a so-so finish. I gave this one 3 Corkscrews because it wasn't terrible for a $12 Pinot Noir but it is also not one I would actively seek. Maybe you can find it cheaper where you live and it might actually be a bargain at $8/bottle. Sit Long, Talk Much, Laugh Often, Drink Wine!

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