Wed-Thur., 7/25-26, Little Rock, AR
Still working on the rap up of the Illinois trip and promise to finish this weekend. I did have a wine the last couple of days that I wanted to write a quick review of. The 2006 Parker Station Pinot Noir. Now, I know this label says 2005, but evidently the 2006 is so new that there are no jpegs online of the label but the only change is the year. I bought this one at Heights Fine Wine & Spirits in the older part of Little Rock. I came to know this store when we lived right around the corner from it in the mid-90's. I'm still somewhat nostalgic about it and try and stop by once a month, or so, but their prices are almost over the top. I've had a hard time finding the affordable wines I'm looking for there, and even their off-brand Australians are getting pricey. But I digress. This pinot exhibited lots of cherry and plum on the nose. After pouring in the stem, I noticed that it appeared light-to-medium bodied, which is the way I like my pinot noirs. On the palate I picked up flavors of strawberry, a little clove and oak, and just a touch of the plums I noted on the nose. Very nice, balanced finish made this one very drinkable. I easily gave this one 4 Corkscrews for its excellent characteristics and value at $12.99/bottle. This is the kind of pinot you can afford to drink on a regular basis with the flavor to make you want to. Sit Long, Talk Much, Laugh Often, Drink Wine!

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