Friday, 7/20, Little Rock, AR
After finally catching up on a ton of paperwork at the office, I was able to sit down and jot a few lines about our recent trip to Chicago and Geneva, Illinois. Next week I plan on sourcing some new wine and getting back to posting reviews.
Sat/Sun, 7/7-8, Chicago, IL
The first wine we had a chance to try during our trip was on Saturday and it was a 2005 The Frenchhouse Sauvingon Blanc from the south of France. A very fresh nose on this one with a dry, fruitful flavor and a nice, balanced finish. A very good summer wine that I gave 3 Corkscrews to for taste and good value at $9.00/bottle. Saturday also brought the discovery of Eno on Michigan Avenue in the Intercontinental Hotel. A great wine/cheese bar that we spent a delightful hour and a half in. We ordered a couple of wine flights with my favorite being a 2006 Eola Hills Pinot Noir out of Oregon, while #1 had an excellent Chenin Blanc from South Africa, name unrecalled unfortunately. We also had a couple of cheese tasting flights that included three of the best cheeses I've had anywhere! Included were a Delice de Bourgogne from Burgandy, France; an Old Chatham Sheepherding Co. Hudson Valley Camembert from Old Cotham, N.Y.; and a Brillat-Savarin from Normandy, France. We of course had both kids with us and our 8 year old decided she likes fancy cheese as much as her parents! She has been going to fine dining establishments since she was a month old so I guess we shouldn't be surprised. Check Eno out if you're ever in Chicago and I understand they are planning to open other locations throughout the U.S.
Sunday brought a trip to the 95th floor of the John Hancock Building (see photo). We had a 2005 Joel Gott Sauvignon Blanc that was decent enough and which I would probably order again. We also had another excellent cheese tray which our daughter actually let us have a little of. I recommend a trip to the top of the Hancock with one caveat. Skip the expensive observation tower tour and head straight to The Signature Room. No charge, better views!

Mon-Tue, 7/9-10, Chicago, IL
A couple of days doing the tourist thing, i.e., The Field Museum, Lincoln Park Zoo, left us wanting to return to our room at the Homewood Suites on Grand. Great hotel, great staff, excellent location, free breakfast and free happy hour with full buffet, makes this one easy to recommend. Although we took advantage of the free happy hour wine, we did try a 2006 Jenica Peak Pinot Grigio back in our room that was undrinkable. It was like drinking a bottle of sweet, Boone's Farm and tasted unlike any other Pinot Grigio I've ever had. 1 Corkscrew rating and over half a bottle down the sink! Tomorrow we head to Geneva, Illinois. Sit Long, Talk Much, Laugh Often, Drink Wine!

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