Monday, 7/2, Little Rock, AR
An unexpected chance for babysitting left #1 and I anguishing over where we wanted to go out to dinner. We jumped in the car and headed for a restaurant not too far from the house that we had both enjoyed and meant to go to more often. To our surprise a large rainstorm greeted us and our destination had no covered parking. Of course, all of our umbrellas were back at the house and not in our car. We decided to head to The Peabody Hotel and Capriccio Grill. We've eaten there several times before and had always had good meals. This time was no exception but I did notice that their prices seemed considerably higher than I recalled. Even their "value" dishes, my word, were anything but. No entrees appeared on the menu for less than $17 and upwards from there. This will have to become our "special" occasion place! I did have a great glass of wine that I wanted to talk about. I first came across the Coppola Diamond Series Claret about 9 years ago when #1 and I toured the winery. I liked it then and in 9 years I have never been disappointed with this wine. Lots of cherry and spice on the nose with huge fruit on the palate and a wonderful finish. Every drop of this wine is enjoyable and I highly, highly recommend it. I easily gave this one 5 Corkscrews and this is a value up to a $25/bottle price point. And check out the winery if ever in Napa as it is a really great winery to visit. Sit Long, Talk Much, Laugh Often, Drink Coppola Claret!

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winey4it said...

Great claret - try it with steak