Sunday, 5/13, Little Rock & Hot Springs, AR
After a delightful day spent on Lake Hamilton in Hot Springs, Arkansas with #1, her Mom and Dad, the kids, and old and new friends, we made it back to the house, tucked in the kids and opened a bottle of 2005 Pepperwood Grove Chardonnay. Now if you're a regular reader you know I reviewed their Pinot Grigio recently and gave it 4 Corkscrews. Unfortunately this wine did not live up to its' siblings high rating. When I pulled this one out of the wine cellar I noticed that it appeared like it might be spoiled as the color was indicative of a corked wine. After I opened it and poured the first glass, I noticed that the bottle is purposely smoked. If I was to give any advise to the powers that be at 3 Loose Screws, I would tell them to lose the smoked bottle. A minor point but just one man's observation. I picked this one up at the same $5.99/bottle that I paid for the Pinot Grigio. This one, however, wasn't worth it! Nothing about this chardonnay, the color, nose or taste did anything to make me want to drink it in the future, including the high acidity that was present. Save your money and take a pass on this pedestrian wine. I gave it 2 Corkscrews because it is not undrinkable, it's just not very good. You can't go wrong with their pinot grigio but steer clear of the chardonnay. Sit Long, Talk Much, Laugh Often, Drink Wine!

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