Sunday-Monday, 4/15-16, Little Rock, AR
The highlight of my Sunday was a little league practice that ended up taking two hours, the last thirty minutes or so of trying to get 6 year-old boys to quit tackling each other and pay attention to the batter. After both the kids were bathed and tucked in, #1 and I sat down to discuss a letter she was preparing to all of the parents of the kids on our team assigning a variety of duties that come up in 6 year old baseball. We unscrewed the cap off the 05 Virgin Vines Chardonnay bottle and were surprised by the very unique screw cap. It is about half the size of a regular screw cap and is encased in foil to make it appear as though it was a regular cork. I bought this bottle after seeing the familiar Virgin logo that adorns many things tied in with Richard Branson and figured it was probably one of those wines that was all show and no go. I couldn't have been more wrong! When I poured our glasses I noted a medium golden color, not quite as dark as a lot of Chardonnay, but not as light as a pinot grigio or sauvignon blanc either. The nose had an ultra-clean presence that really got my attention. There was no overpowering oak, or melon, or citrus, or anything, just the clean smell of a good wine. In the mouth were flavors of vanilla and uncomplicated, unmanipulated grapes. A nice smooth finish was my reward as well. We ended up enjoying this over two nights, catching up on The Sopranos and Entourage on Monday after having tivo'd them the night before. I gave this one 4 Corkscrews due to excellent taste and value based on my price paid of $10.99/bottle. Now I do note that some of my fellow wine bloggers have commented about how Branson has sued wine makers in California who have used the term "virgin" on their products and I can understand the negativity towards him for doing so. That being said I still have to rate a wine like I see it. Sit Long, Talk Much, Laugh Often, Drink Wine!

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Deb said...

This my most favorite wine of my current finds. However, here in Southern California I am having a difficult time finding it. I found it in a grocery store that was clearing the item out, thus that shelf is now empty, but will continue to search for it.