Friday, 3/30, San Antonio & Waco, Texas

Today brought our departure from San Antonio as we headed to Dallas for another night at a different Embassy Suites. Dallas is halfway between San Antonio and Little Rock so we chose there to stay. Unfortunately mother nature had other ideas and as we passed Austin and got about 15 miles south of Waco, we turned on the radio to see if the rain, which had been coming down in sheets for several hours, was ever going to stop. To our surprise we learned that the interstate we were on, I-35, and the exit we were near, Hewitt, Texas, was in the direct path of a potential tornado. Smart parents that we are we got off and took refuge in the lobby of a nearby Comfort Inn. We joined three or four other families who had the same idea. After about 15 minutes had passed the television guy says the potential tornado has passed and we were safe to continue our journey. The rain, however, continued to come down in buckets and when we reached the Waco exit we decided to end our journey for the night. Finding a nice, affordable room at the Fairfield Inn we off-loaded and settled in. The only problem? No wine in stock so I hop into the van and head for the nearest Wal-Mart supercenter where the front desk lady has directed me. To put it kindly their wine section was very sparse and the Turning Leaf was the best I could come up with. After allowing it to chill for about 45 minutes in the sink surrounded by ice, we uncorked it and discovered that evidently Wal-Mart does not have a knowledgeable wine person purchasing wines for their store. The nose was completely over the top and this wine on the tongue reminded me of too many overly oaky wines I thought I enjoyed in earlier years. I almost gave this one a single corkscrew but settled at 2 corkscrews due to its cheap price, $5.99/bottle, and the fact that somebody might find this style okay but the days of in your face oak appealing to me are long gone. Now I will give the Turning Leaf website a resounding 5 stars, 5 corkscrews, 5 whatevers. No doubt they have one of the coolest wine websites I've seen. Do yourself a favor and take a look at it. Sit Long, Talk Much, Laugh Often, Drink Wine!

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