Sunday, 4/22, Little Rock, AR
We had a family bash today after our 8-year old's 1st Communion. Lots of good food and wine as well but I picked the 05 Tolosa Chardonnay to review out of the several different bottles that were opened in celebration. A deep, golden color filled the glass after I uncorked and poured this one. On the nose I picked up a little oak, vanilla and a little citrus. In the mouth flavors of tangerine and peaches revealed a full-bodied Chardonnay with a very crisp finish. Tolosa also makes an unoaked Chardonnay which I plan on looking for next time I'm shopping, just for comparison purposes. This is a good, solid Chardonnay but I only gave it 3 Corkscrews due to its price of $13.52/bottle. If this was more in the $9-10 range I would probably raise my rating because I think it would be a better value. At $13.52 it would have to "wow" me a little more than it did. Sit Long, Talk Much, Laugh Often, Drink Wine!


scotsladsb said...

Just ran into your blog, nice stuff!

Had to comment, as this is a recent favorite of mine. Around here (Santa Barbara area,) it is retailing around $20-24 per bottle, so you are getting a total deal!! I usually don't like Chardonnay unless it is from Burgundy, this is one of the wines that holds that fine balance of acidity, minerality, and still hangs on to some California fruit character.

This is a top-notch estate, they have done a great job with the whites especially, the unoaked style Chard is really good too.

Cheers! Nice work!

Rob W said...

Thanks for the kind words! I may have to try Tolosa again as I didn't realize the deal I'd gotten. Unfortunately the "revenuers" might come and get me if I start shipping wine!