Monday, 3/26, San Antonio, Texas
After a short 6 hour drive, mostly in the pouring rain, we arrived at our destination, the Radisson Hill Country Resort & Spa just outside of San Antonio. I made these reservations about two months ago so was surprised by the horrendous view we had. True, we had the balcony I had requested, unfortunately it overlooked a rooftop lined with air conditioning units. Not an inch of the pool or courtyard to be seen. Well, #1 was not going to spend a week looking at that, so downstairs she went and upon her arrival back to the room she had successfully secured a room with a balcony right in the middle of the complex with excellent views of the pools and courtyard. She is very persuasive! We decided to eat light and ordered some sandwiches for the kids in the Hill Country Bar area of the hotel and some tortilla soup for us. After a good fifteen minutes had passed our cold, and I do mean cold, soup arrived. We promptly notified the waitress and asked that it be warmed up if at all possible. She tells us that she will just get us two new bowls and assure that they are hot. Ten minutes later two new bowls come out and yes, one of them was again lukewarm with the other somewhat hot but definitely not piping. Needless to say we told her about this latest batch and agreement was made to take them off of the bill. The one highlight of the meal, however, was the 2005 Three Thieves Pinot Noir we ordered. Great fruit on the nose and wonderful tastes of cherry, spices and a little oak. To my horror I learned that this was jug wine! My preconceived notion of how a jug wine should taste is irreparably damaged. This wine was at happy hour prices which came to $5.00/glass but I'm sure if you buy the whole jug at retail it would be much less. I easily gave this one 4 corkscrews and almost gave it 5 but couldn't get over the jug container. Live and learn I guess. Sit Long, Talk Much, Laugh Often, Drink Wine!

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