Thursday, 3/29, San Antonio, TX
Good weather today and after an hour or so at the pool we all showered up, loaded in the van, and headed to the Riverwalk again. This time we came for dinner where we found a nice, upscale, mexican food restaurant with seating right on the Riverwalk. A place called Zuni Grill where I had an excellent pork dish that included three huge portions with a medium spicy sauce that was out of this world. The kids enjoyed their meals as well as did #1 and the frozen margaritas where also top notch. Check this place out if you're ever down in San Antonio looking for a place to have a great meal. Very reasonably priced as well. After dinner we took a boat tour on the River which the kids really enjoyed. Upon arriving back at the resort we discovered the fire pits ablaze in the courtyard and the front desk provided all the makings for smores including the sticks. We all had a great time making and eating smores til we could eat no more. This is one feature of the resort that we did really enjoy. When we got back to the room and took off all our smoky clothes, one drawback of open fire pits, we uncorked a bottle of the 05 Sterling Vitners Pinot Grigio. Now if you go to the Sterling Vineyards website you will find no mention of this wine. When I uncorked this and poured the first glass there was not a lot of nose to speak of as I've found in a lot of Pinot Grigio. No problem as when drinking Pinot Grigio I'm expecting less body and more lightness. On the tongue the lightness continued with just a hint of vanilla, wheat grass and maybe a little honeydew. Good but not great so I ended up giving this one 3 corkscrews due to the $9.99/bottle price. Regardless of how this bottle turned out I do highly recommend visiting Sterling Vineyards if you're ever in Napa Valley. We toured it about 8 years ago, luckily got a VIP tour, and ended up drinking and eating there with two other couples for about 5 hours. Needless to say I have a fond place in my heart for Sterling! Sit Long, Talk Much, Laugh Often, Drink Wine!

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