Wed., 4/18, Little Rock, AR & Washington, D.C.
First of all let me say right off the bat, I HATE AMERICAN AIRLINES! If they were the only airline left I would just have to drive everywhere. Unfortunately I had a last minute meeting in D.C. on Thursday morning that required my attendance and the big AA was all I could get with such short notice. If you recall I flew American to California last week and didn't get home until after 2:00 a.m.. which was supposed to be 4:55 p.m. Some weather related and some AA incompetence related. Today was no exception. My flight out of the Rock left almost on time, we were about 20 minutes late leaving which is pretty good for AA, but my flight from DFW to Reagan National was over an hour late leaving. I'm not sure AA ever leaves on time. Does anybody know? After all day getting from Arkansas to D.C. I ended up at the Springfield, Virginia Hilton. Not as close to D.C. as I would have liked but everything, and I do mean everything, in Washington was booked solid so I was just happy to have a place to lay my head. After getting settled I headed down to the Houlihan's in the lobby of the hotel and ordered a glass of the 05 Montevina Sauvignon Blanc at $5.75/glass. On the nose lots of lemon, in fact too much lemon, and a slight hint of melon. In the mouth the lemon continued accompanied by a taste of grapefruit, although not too much. Nice, clean finish as well. I had an order of calamari with this and the two went well with each other. I would recommend having this with food as I didn't enjoy it by itself as much as I did with food. I gave this one 3 Corkscrews for good taste and reasonable value for a hotel restaurant/bar. I still hate American Airlines and after tomorrow's post you'll understand why. Sit Long, Talk Much, Laugh Often, Drink Wine!

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