Wednesday, 3/28, San Antonio, Texas
We woke up today with rain pounding on our windows. So much for heading to sunshine for Spring Break! Around noon or so it quit and the sun tried to break through but the sky stayed overcast most of the day. Knowing we wanted to go down and let the kids see the Riverwalk, a must if you've never been, and take a gander at The Alamo, we packed into the car and headed out. A viewing of Sharks: 3D at the Imax theatre was followed by a tour of the Alamo with souvenirs and photos taken aplenty. Below is an example of one yours truly took.

Suspecting that rain was once again coming our way, we headed back to the resort and had dinner there. On the menu was their Prime Rib Special which included, yes, prime rib, vegetables, a salad and maybe a little bread. Now in all the years I've had the pleasure to eat prime rib it has always, and I do mean always, been served with some type of horseradish sauce. When it wasn't served I asked the waitress if I could get some which she promptly told me would be no problem. Unfortunately #1 asked her for some water at the same time. Bad mistake. About ten minutes later the water arrived and to this day I'm still waiting on the unseen horseradish. The highlight of our meal, however, was the 04 Trinity Oaks Chardonnay. Delightful nose, excellent flavor of vanilla and just the right amount of oak on the tongue and a price of only $6.00/glass made this very enjoyable. I gave this one 4 corkscrews and will be looking for it in the future. Not sure what it retails at but can't be too much. Sit Long, Talk Much, Laugh Often, Drink Wine!

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