Monday, 4/9, Little Rock, AR & Fresno, CA
To say that today was a full one would be a bit of an understatement. After taking my little ones to school this morning, I headed for the airport to "go west" for a few days of training. Supposedly when Bill Clinton became President it was going to bring a lot more airlines and options for travel out of The Rock but it seems to be just the opposite. United quit flying out of Little Rock and options to go west are limited. I flew out this morning and an hour or so later touched down in Dallas, Texas. From there I changed planes and headed to Los Angeles. After arriving there, and changing planes again, I arrived at my departure gate. To my somewhat pleasant surprise the gate agent announced that the flight was extremely oversold and was looking for six people to take a bump and travel to Fresno via shuttle van. Not being in any great hurry I raised my hand and thirty minutes later I was sitting in L.A. traffic with a round trip voucher on United in my briefcase. Three and a half hours later I arrived in Fresno, checked in to my hotel and after dropping some luggage headed for the hotel restaurant. Nothing fancy but they had a few different vineyards represented on the wine list. I chose the 04 Robert Mondavi Private Selection Chardonnay which I was anxious to taste after the long day. Very light golden in color I figured that this wasn't going to be as full-bodied as the Five Rivers I had the night before and I was right. Aromas of citrus, apple and butter filled the nose and in the mouth I picked up some spice, light oak and more of the green apple evident on the nose. Maybe I got spoiled by my experience with the Five Rivers but this wine came across as very pedestrian. I paid $6.00/glass and based on price and taste could only give this one 3 corkscrews. I won't be hunting for bottles of this anytime soon but it is drinkable.
As a favor to Sonoma County I agreed to post the following announcement. If you live out that way, or plan on being out there in July, check it out as it sounds like a good time!
Event: Sonoma County Showcase Weekend of Wine & Food
Dates: July 12-15, 2007. Description: Don't miss the 28th annual Sonoma County Showcase Weekend of Wine & Food, the ultimate Wine Country experience, held July 12-15. This gala event features four days of fantastic wine and food presented by world-renowned winemakers and Sonoma's top chefs. Indulge in exclusive all-access luxury packages of spa, golf, and wine safari experiences, or enjoy events a la carte, including private winery lunches and dinners, an extraordinary Sonoma Family Style gala dinner, and Taste of Sonoma, a two day grand tasting with over 100 wineries, 50 chefs, wine seminars, chef competitions, and more. For more information or reservations, visit www.sonomawine.com/showcase or call 800-939-7666.
Sit Long, Talk Much, Laugh Often, Drink Wine!

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