Sunday, 4/29, Little Rock, AR

I hate to heap all this praise on Greg Norman, I don't want anybody to think I'm a paid flak for them, but this 04 Greg Norman Santa Barbara California Estates Pinot Noir was every bit as good as the Chardonnay from last night. It's not often that a vineyard makes good chardonnay and pinot noir but the folks at Greg Norman have figured it out. After pouring this, dark scarlet colors portraying a richness of a Cabernet were apparent. I swirled this for a few seconds and then inhaled the blackberry and cherry aromas drifting from the glass. After that I couldn't wait to taste this and was treated to lots of the aforementioned blackberry and cherry as well as plum, a little bit of vanilla and a hint of spice, maybe pepper? Excellent, excellent smooth finish with the perfect balance of tannin. After having my $20 Pinot rule upheld by Mark West, along comes this Greg Norman pinot and the rule is turned upside down once again. This one easily earned 5 Corkscrews based on the excellent taste and the extremely cheap price of $8.25/bottle. I'll buy this again and highly recommend. Sit Long, Talk Much, Laugh Often, Drink Wine!

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dmbott said...

I too liked the Greg Norman California Pinot Noir, although it's now a 2006. It was no longer $9, it was $13. I found it had a smooth, but short finish initially. The black cherry was abundant and the blackberry was still there. I probably didn't let it warm enough out of my cellar. Compares reasonably with one of my favorites: Wild Hog at $25.