Sat. & Sun. 4/8-9, Little Rock, AR
Another first with this vineyard. I stopped by the Toddy Shop on the way home from baseball practice on Friday night and picked up the 04 Five Rivers Chardonnay along with the Bogle I wrote about on Friday. Having never tried it I didn't want to get my hopes up too much as it was selling for $9.99/bottle and although I would like to think that a wine at that price will be good you just never know. Needless to say I've been on a roll in finding some really good wines lately! After a busy day watching our little boy score 3 goals in his soccer game, he had a little motivation in the form of Star Wars characters, and a marathon 2 hours plus mass, we got home and uncorked this one. A deep, dark golden color was evident in the long-stemmed glass I poured this in. On the nose vanilla and lots of fruit (apples, pears) with hints of oak. In the mouth this wine was full-bodied with the vanilla that had shown itself on the nose and lots of buttery oak flavors. I could have easily given this one 5 corkscrews had the finish been a little less sharp with just a little less after bite. I gave it 4 corkscrews because of the finish but it is still a very good wine and a good value even at the 9.99 price. I'd also like to recommend their web site as it is another one that is very unique. I don't know who is coming up with the websites out west but they've got some great programmers and designers. If you get a chance and would like to learn a little more about California wineries I would also suggest a peek at Calwineries.com. Great site that I was made aware of recently. Sit Long, Talk Much, Laugh Often, Drink Wine!

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