Thursday, 4/5, Little Rock, AR
Still operating out of an almost empty wine cellar, I just haven't had a chance to go to my "connect"'s store, I stopped by a couple of days ago and picked up the 2005 Esser Chardonnay along with the Chateau Potelle I wrote about on Tuesday. It pains me to buy a couple of bottles at a time but I just refuse to buy quantities at the Little Rock stores especially because I know what their wholesale price is and what type of mark-up they are getting. A trip across the river brings affordable and unique wines and I'll try to get there for a stock-up as soon as possible. After the cork was removed, a glass poured and a little time was allowed to pass for the temperature to warm slightly, the nose revealed a little oak, vanilla and just a hint to lemon. In the mouth the subtle oak and vanilla made for a very nice wine and a smooth finish. Lots of body with this wine but not "in your face" at all. Great finish with a nice lingering of flavor after swallowing. I gave this one 4 corkscrews more for the flavor than the value. I paid $10.99/bottle for this which is a little higher than I like to pay for a mid-week drinking wine but as the article in the paper said the other day, half the price of a bottle of wine is for Arkansas sin tax. Of course the article was about the legislature trying to tack on another 5% tax on top of all the taxes already added to a bottle of wine. I pray on a daily basis that the federal courts will rule in favor of allowing out-of-state vineyards to ship into Arkansas. If that ever happens, there is a lawsuit pending in Arkansas at the present time, I will start having a good majority of my wine shipped in. Enough about that. I'm starting to steam! Check out Esser Vineyards website if you get a chance as the whole family involved in the making of this wine, and others, is profiled. Sit Long, Talk Much, Laugh Often, Drink Wine!

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