Wednesday, 4/25, Little Rock, AR
When I saw the 04 Angeline Chardonnay by Martin Ray Winery on the shelf at T's store I readily added it to my mixed case not thinking twice about the $10.26/bottle price tag. I bought a bottle of this about a month and a half ago but unfortunately didn't get to try it as we ended up taking it as a party gift. We wouldn't normally take an untested bottle as a gift, but I figured at this price point it was probably a decent wine. I guess we should have tried a bottle first! Not that this was a terrible wine by any means but there was nothing about it, absolutely nothing, that impressed me other than the appearance of the bottle and color of the wine in the glass which was a deep, golden hue. The nose on this was nothing special and was very weak. I tried three different tastes, all at slightly different temperatures, hoping some flavor would materialize. Unfortunately my patience was not rewarded. We finished this bottle between the two of us over a two-day period, we first opened it on Tuesday, and it wasn't that it was undrinkable, it just wasn't anything I can recommend. I gave this one 2 Corkscrews due to the lack of taste and the higher price point not adding up to any type of value. If I come across a 2005 vintage I would be willing to try a bottle, maybe the 2004 was too old?, as I was really surprised this wasn't a better bottle of wine. Sit Long, Talk Much, Laugh Often, Drink Wine!

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