Friday-Wednesday 3/9-14, Little Rock, AR

FLU? E-Coli? Nowalk Virus? Scheme by #1 to collect insurance? Okay the last one I threw in for good humor but for the last week I've had one of the first three listed ailments. Until today, barely left the bed much less thought about tasting any wine. In fact, with all the Theraflu I've forced down my wine taster I don't even know if I could clearly identify any nose aromas or subtle tastes from the wines I plan on trying. Will be back at it on Monday, 3/19, as I had just gotten a new case and a half of different wines to rate and recommend, or not, and as soon as I'm back to 100% I'll start rating and posting. Sit Long, Talk Much, Laugh Often, Drink Wine!

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Sonadora said...

Feel better! I had something similar a few weeks ago and I dubbed it the plague....then I had a visitor from the CDC to my blog....coincidence? Here's to a recovery by Monday!