Wed., 2/28, Little Rock, AR
Okay, you know the drill. An all day training session, short lunch break, with rear not leaving chair for a total of about 8 hours. It's days like this that have me looking forward to getting home, seeing the family and having a nice glass of wine. I chose the 2005 King Fish Pinot Grigio as I wanted something a little lite and pinot grigio usually fits the bill. This one was no exception! After I delicately unscrewed the bottle top, it still pains me to say that, although I've read and heard all of the arguments for the twist-off, the sentimentalist in me prefers the cork, I poured a nice glass and looked for the color. After much observation I figured out that the color is pretty much non-existent. This wine is very soft on the tongue, almost like drinking air if that makes sense? Very light, a little dry with tastes of pear and slight, very slight, orange blossom. After allowing my pour to sit in the glass for about 10 minutes or so, I noticed that the flavors became more pronounced and the wine seemed to gain a little body. I gave this one 4 corkscrews due to its great taste and excellent value at, get this, $3.99/bottle. The only problem? Go to the vineyard's website and you won't see this one listed as one of their available wines. Was it a one-time shot, has it been discontinued, I can't say. I emailed them but haven't heard back at the time of this posting. If they respond I'll let you know because this is a great-valued wine. Be on the look out for tomorrow's post as I'll provide a ratings recap of every wine reviewed in February. Sit Long, Talk Much, Laugh Often, Drink Wine!

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