Tues. 2/6: Sunrise, Kinkos/FedEx & 2004 SILVER RIDGE CHARDONNAY

A beautiful sun rising over Pinnacle Mountain greeted me this morning as I opened the plantation shutter on the dining room window. We're supposed to be in the low 60's today which they, whoever they are, promise will be around for at least several days. Not to sound like a travel writer but if you've never been to Arkansas you should check it out some time. We've got an abundance of lakes, streams and rivers, bike and hiking trails and probably more state parks per square mile than any other state. Its nickname is "The Natural State" and it is well earned. After a fairly productive day at the office I stopped by the next door neighbor's house to give Jim a couple of minor items we'd purchased for his birthday which was today. He was very appreciative and we consider ourselves lucky to have Charlotte and he as our neighbors. "Good people" as they say here in the South.
We had a nice, light meal followed by my little girl's rendition of Silent Night on her Daisy Rock guitar. She's in her second month of lessons, once a week, and is practicing intensely every day. With her motivation and sticktoittiveness, I'm sure she'll end up playing the guitar very well. After all the baths were taken and everyone was tucked in, #1 and I sat down and watched a Tivo'd FRONTLINE on Catholic priests abusing kids in the 60-70's in Massachusetts. Although catholic, watching a report such as this one really makes you hyper-aware of priest behavior and I'm hopeful the lay people won't allow this to ever happen again!
On a lighter note I did see a great FedEx/Kinkos commercial while watching the nightly news. I'm not sure who their ad shop is but they are doing a great job. We tried an 04 SILVER RIDGE CHARDONNAY last night for the first time and have to say that it didn't have quite the burst of flavors as the Wyndham we had on Monday, nor as strong a nose. Not that it was bad it just didn't "wow" me as much as some Chards. A little light on aroma and flavors and somewhat pedestrian tasting. I picked this one up for $9.45 and probably won't rush out to buy another bottle any time soon though I would buy it again. For that reason it gets 3 corkscrews. Sit Long, Talk Much, Laugh Often!

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