Sat. 2/17, Little Rock, AR

As many of you who have started reading my reviews and recommendations will notice, both of the featured wines are ones I've reviewed before. So rather than a re-review you can link to either here or here or just scroll down and find out what I thought of both of them. I'm crazy about them, to say the least, as is #1, so after The Departed arrived from Netflix Saturday afternoon we decided to have a nice, relaxing dinner and accompany that with the two Chardonnay's we've discovered that we've both really been enjoying. Check out my reviews and go find both of these as soon as you can then let me know if you agree or not. Now in regard to the movie I can recommend it as well although be forewarned that it is a bit, that's an understatement, violent and the last ten minutes or so will have your heart pumping. In fact so much so that #1 and I stayed up for another hour or so after the movie enjoying another glass of the Kunde so we could get our heart rates down. Entertaining none the less. A quick "cute kid" story that I have to share. I'm riding back from the store with my 6-year old boy when he tells me that he heard a story of a man getting frostbit and having to have his toes cut off. He proceeded to ask me what all you can do, or better yet what can't you do, once you have no toes. I told him that it would be hard to play baseball, football, soccer, all the stuff he likes, then he weighed in with his list. He tells me that you couldn't play freeze tag, you couldn't jump on the trampoline, but you could play Simon Sez. Then he quickly corrected himself and said "Oh no. You couldn't play that either because if they said Simon Sez touch your toes you'd lose". The thought process that little minds go through! Sit Long, Talk Much, Laugh Often!

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