Sun. 2/11, Little Rock, AR

Although I've written about this wine before it was prior to implementing my rating system and since I had a couple more bottles on hand I thought I would go ahead and give this one a corkscrew rating. As I raved about this one in my previous post once again I was not disappointed. This truly is an excellent wine and since I was able to get it at almost half price it seems to taste even better. Dark ruby colors swirling in my glass led to tastes of blackberry, cherries and just the right amount of spice. This wine goes down real easy and is great with any type of meat, particularly filets like we had last night, but is also great just sipping on next to a roaring fireplace. #1 and I each enjoyed a glass with dinner then had a second while watching the Grammys after both kids were tucked in for the night. You can't go wrong with this wine and I highly recommend it earning it 4 corkscrews. Try and find some of this and let me know if you agree. Sit Long, Talk Much, Laugh Often!

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