Monday, 2/19, Little Rock, AR

This bleached blonde beauty is reminiscent of fresh green apples, pineapple and has hints of hibiscus blossoms. The concentration of zesty lemon and gooseberry fills your mouth leaving notes of thyme and melon behind. The bright acid in this wine gives you a zing while the fruit keeps your mouth watering for more. That's what the winemaker notes say on the Smoking Loon website but now let me tell you what I think. This wine was light golden in color like a good Sauvignon Blanc should be and upon opening I could smell a little lemon and some type of melon. Once it was in the glass my first, and subsequent tastes, revealed a light-bodied, somewhat pedestrian wine. I couldn't pick up any of the thyme and quite honestly don't know if I want to. For some reason thyme just doesn't seem like it should be in wine. Now I love thyme in a lot of dishes, just not in my wine! I did taste melons, a little bit of lemon and just a slight bit of grapefruit although not too much as the last thing I want is a grapefruit-flavored Sauvignon Blanc (see New Zealand for that). I struggled with giving this one 3 corkscrews, almost giving it the dreaded 2 corkscrews, as I would probably buy it again just not at the $8.99/bottle price I paid. I see this at being worth more in the $4-5 dollar range although even at that price I won't rush out to buy anymore. Okay I've changed my mind and I'm downgrading this one to 2 corkscrews! Not sink-worthy but not a wine I will buy in the future. Glad that's done.
#1 and I saw Breach today at the Rave theatre in southwest Little Rock and I've got to say it was a very good movie. My one complaint, and man is it my pet peeve, was the loudmouth woman behind us who halfway through the movie decided she needed to comment on every scene. I came very close to turning around and asking her if it was her first time to see a movie in a theatre and letting her know that most people who want to carry on a conversation don't have to pay $8 a piece to sit in a crowded theatre to do it. If you're reading this and you're guilty of this please do all of us movie goers a favor and stay home next time. Movie was entertaining none the less. Sit Long, Talk Much, Laugh Often!

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