Friday, 2/23, Little Rock, AR

Today's reviewed wine is from the "ghost" winery as far as I can tell. What do I mean by ghost? Google Silver Ridge anything and you won't come up with a website for them. I never go to a vineyards website until after I've tried their wine and made up my own mind as to what I think about it, but I do like to see how they describe their own wine. I wasn't able to do that with this one as they seem to be keeping a low profile. If you know anything interesting about this vineyard let me know as I've reviewed two of their wines now and would like to see their full offering.
To be totally honest on this one I've got to tell you that I only paid $9.56 for this bottle and as you know from my previous reviews, I don't think good, and I mean real good, Pinot Noirs are available at less than $16-20/bottle and that's just a starting point. This 2005 Silver Ridge Pinot Noir was no exception. Very light, somewhat ruby color in the glass, not a whole lot of distinguishable nose to it and very light-bodied in the mouth. The thing I did notice with the nose and the taste was a very strong earthiness. I think the French call it terroir and this wine, for its lack of anything other than that, seems to exemplify terroir. It just smells and tastes very earthy! Very little tannin noticed and really not a whole lot to recommend this wine other than it is an inexpensive way to have a little, however little, taste of Pinot Noir. I gave this 3 corkscrews because I would drink it again and it is at the lowest end price point that I think you can find drinkable Pinot Noir. Pick this one up for a Tuesday, hanging out watching something on T.V., just gotta have a drink of Pinot Noir, kind of night.
On the retail wine planning I noticed an article in the Wall Street Journal, ( see snippet following post), regarding wine futures and how individuals with money to burn are investing in futures as an alternative investment. I'm doing further research into this and plan on offering wine futures when I open my store. I haven't noticed any of the wine/liquor stores offering that in Little Rock and quite honestly would be surprised if any did! As I've written before, all are combination wine/liquor/beer stores and therein lies the problem. Sit Long, Talk Much, Laugh Often, Drink Wine!
Wall Street Journal 2/23-2/24
"Wine is trying to mature -- as an investment.
Amid booming interest in alternative investments ranging from art to collectible coins, wine-focused investment products are starting to appear. Their goal: cash in on soaring interest among consumers and collectors, not to mention prices that are barreling ahead for fancy vintages.
One of the latest entrants, the London-based Fine Wine Fund, launched in August, is structured almost like a hedge fund -- the highflying, lightly regulated investment pools catering to wealthy investors. It charges a 2% annual management fee and keeps 15% of the profit as a performance fee."


Victoria said...

Like your blog, good reviews! I've noticed that you review a lot of Pinot Noirs. That is my favorite grape as well. I have reviewed quite a few of them at my blog www.tastesoflife.blogspot.com
Check it out.

sarah said...

Silver Ridge is one of the Bronco Wines brands...it took a little digging to find out.

Anonymous said...

I also have been looking for the Silver Ridge winery for their Merlot 2005 or 2006. The best I have found is that Silver Ridge Winery may be owned by Bronco Wine Company in Ceres, CA. Does anyone know if this is true?