Thurs., 2/22, Little Rock, AR

For those of you who've been reading my reviews and recommendations and providing a lot of great feedback I want to say thanks and hope that I'm able to provide a little something to the world of wine. That being said you'll notice that my review today is of a wine, the 2005 Sebastiani Pinot Noir, that I reviewed just a short time ago. My reason for a do over? #1 and I opened the second bottle of the Sebastiani that we had for which I had not planned to review again but there was so much difference in the two bottles that I just had to write an updated review. In preparing this review I looked at what was different from the first bottle to the second and one major fact, that jumped right out at me, had to do with handling. I opened this bottle and let it breathe and come to room temperature over a 2 hour period. I think this one factor made a world of difference. When I finally poured the first glass the dark ruby red color and cherry nose had my mouth watering in anticipation. After a swirl or two I took my first drink and was met with a full-bodied explosion of concentrated cherry and smokey oak flavors. The finish was absolutely perfect with soft tannins and no after bite. I gave this one 4 corkscrews this time which is an upgrade over my previous 3 corkscrew rating. Great taste and great value at the $16/bottle price and another lesson learned on this long wine journey. Some wines live up to their full potential right after opening and others, such as this one, need time, sometimes hours, to come alive and show what they're really made of. Sit Long, Talk Much, Laugh Often, Drink Wine!

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