Sat., 2/24, Little Rock and Sherwood, AR

Up at the crack of dawn today, 7:30 a.m., which is several hours later than I normally get up but I sure could have stayed in that warm bed another couple of hours with no problem. I attended a quick POA meeting to discuss various items related to Chenal Valley and then stopped by the next door neighbors to head to Sherwood where T has his store. J.S. picked up two cases while I held it to 6 bottles as I'm pretty flush with wine right now. The rainy day in Arkansas met with a lull so I headed to Sam's with my little girl and stocked up on essentials, and not-so essentials, and came back to prepare the King Crab Legs I picked up at Sam's. Great deal at $7.00/lb which is unheard of. But enough of that and on to my review. When I first picked up the bottle of Little Black Dress Chardonnay I figured it was just another gimmicky label designed to get the uneducated wine buyer to part with their hard earned money. But being the adventurer I am, and always looking for new labels to try, I picked up a bottle and parted with my $8.99. When I uncorked this bottle and poured into my glass my nose was met with aromas of melons, apples, pears and just a slight bit of oak. The taste did not disappoint as the aromas I had smelled were followed up with crisp citrus and apple flavors on the tongue with just the right amount of oak. This wine went perfectly with the King Crab and although I wavered between 3 and 4 corkscrews my final rating is 3 corkscrews. At the $8.99 price I can only classify it as having good taste and good value. I wish I was rating the website of Little Black Dress because I would give it 5 corkscrews plus. You've got to check it out as it is really a clever way to promote your wine. They even have a link where attractive young ladies have posted their stories about their "Little Black Dress" and I'm not talking wine now! Great job LBD Vineyard! Sit Long, Talk Much, Laugh Often, Drink Wine!

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