Tues., 2/17, Little Rock, AR.
I learned, or should I say, relearned another lesson of wine tasting tonight.
And that lessson is to never judge a wine right after you open it! When I first opened the Casillero del Diablo from Concha Y Toro the first aroma that hit me, and boy did it hit me, was an overpowering smell of grapefruit. Now one of my absolute prohibitions is on Sauvignon Blanc that tastes like grapefruit juice and if you've ever had just about any Sav from New Zealand, that's what you're gonna get! Now I know that's a wide brush to paint with but I've tried numerous New Zealand Sav's and have yet to find one that wasn't overwhelmingly grapefruit tasting and that's what I thought I'd gotten with this Chilean wine. If you know of a New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc that goes against that mold please let me know as I'll find it, try it and write a review. But enough about the Kiwis and back to this Chilean production. Regardless of my initial nasal reaction, the wine had a light yellowish/gold color in the glass which brought back memories of great Sauvignons I've had in the past but I didn't hold out much hope that this one was going to stand up to those. Needless to say I was pleasantly surprised! After I allowed the pour to breathe and the wine inside warmed up just a little, maybe 10 minutes or so, a fresh and crisp bouquet with hints of gooseberries and tropical fruit had replaced the initial grapefruit onslaught. On the palate, this wine was elegant, round and not heavy at all and was balanced by a crisp acidity that made for a nice finish. My second glass was even better than the first. I picked up this one at $6.99/bottle and based on that price I gave this one 3 corkscrews for good value and good taste. Remember, don't judge a wine immediately after you open it as it may end up surprising you given a chance. Sit Long, Talk Much, Laugh Often!

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