Tuesday, 2/27, Little Rock, AR

"Wine is Art!". So sayeth the Chinese lady in the WSJ article today about French vineyards trying to make inroads into the Chinese market which, apparently, is somewhat unsophisticated when it comes to wine. An individual was quoted as saying they had seen a somewhat wealthy Chinese man buy, on a regular basis, $2,000 bottles of Lafitte and mix it with Coke. That hurts! Well unfortunately today's wine can't be compared to the Lafitte nor can it be called art. In fact, I don't know what to call it except not good. I've reviewed this Chilean vineyard's Sauvignon Blanc and gave it 3 corkscrews because it was a decent bottle of wine. This varietal doesn't measure up. Not bad color but very little aroma, more light-bodied than I would expect from a Chardonnay and too much acidity that made for a less than memorable finish. My cost on this one was $6.99/bottle which was way too much for this wine. I give it 2 corkscrews due to lack of taste and value and will not purchase it again. I'll buy their Sauvignon Blanc but not their Chardonnay. Sit Long, Talk Much, Laugh Often, Drink Wine!

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