Sun., 2/25, Little Rock, AR

As you can see I've given my highest rating to today's featured wine. Now I know that a lot of you wine aficionados are going to scoff at that rating when I tell you how much it was, but good wine is good wine! I get as much pleasure, if not more, at finding a great, inexpensive wine as I do a great, expensive wine. I guess it's because an expensive wine "should" taste good while an inexpensive, dare I say cheap wine, technically should not. I'll save the price until the end but this has to be the bargain find-of-the month if not the year. Just prior to the Academy Awards coming on, it's #1's favorite night of the year and what kind of husband would I be if I didn't suffer through it, I uncorked the one bottle of 2005 Bohemian Highway Chardonnay I picked up yesterday at T's place. Now normally I would try to link to the vineyard website which was listed on the back of their bottle but evidently they are spending all of their time making great wine or have gone out of business, I'm not sure which! I'm hoping it's the former and not the later. After my experience with this bottle I'll be stopping by for a lot more when I'm over near his store on Tuesday. This wine was full of fruit aroma and oak, all nicely mixed together. When I poured our glass we both were struck by the freshness of the grape and the smoothness of the oak. The tastes of the melon and pears danced around our mouths as we took this most excellent wine in with just the right amount of acidity. I had to give this one 5 corkscrews due to its excellent flavor and taste and due to the tremendous value this wine provided at my cost of, drum roll please, $3.99/bottle. Just an excellent, excellent find!
On another note, not wine-related at all, I have to admit that I watched Oprah's special on the Academy Awards with #1 on Friday? night. Now normally I would count this as wasted time but Sidney Poitier did say something that stuck in my head and I wanted to share it. He said that his father told him "That the measure of a man is how he treats his children". Man if that is not something all of us fathers could live by I don't know what is. Sit Long, Talk Much, Laugh Often, Drink Wine!


Anonymous said...

I found Bohemian Highway in Fortuna..4.99 Chardonnay and really enjoyed it.

Sinjin Purvin said...

It had the most interesting label of the low-end wines i saw at the big box store (sorry), but you are right about the pear and oak... it really is quite enjoyable. Personally i thought its finish was a bit short. This one is a 2006 vintage though. The website works fine at:
and they seem to be pushing their Cab now.

Rebecca L said...

I actually had a bottle of the 2005 and shared it with a friend and found the Chardonnay to be really delicious!!!

Anonymous said...

I think their pinot grigio is very good too.

josondo0 said...

I picked this up only for the price and am suprised at the quality. I have had bottles in the 30 dollar range worse than this one. On the whole pretty sweet flavor overall. Would pair well with scallops.