Mon. 2/12, Searcy & Little Rock, AR
First thing let me set the stage as to how I came across the featured wine today. After a less than productive day in Searcy, Arkansas I stopped by T's place to stock up on a little reasonably priced wine which is impossible to find on the west side of Little Rock where I live and work. I was looking for primarily white as right now I'm heavy in reds and needed to restock the white section of my wine cellar. After walking around grabbing a bottle here, a bottle there, looking to try some new things, T comes over and says if you don't try at least one bottle of this, the Kunde, I'm going to give you a bottle. T has been right on in his recommendations in the past so I grabbed three bottles and added them to my case box. After checking out T tells me to call him back if I want him to hold a case or two of the Kunde as he's sure #1 and I will really like it. Man was he right on and at $7.99/bottle this wine is a steal! These were originally wholesaled at around $15/bottle.
My first interaction with this wine showed a glistening, gold color in the glass with an incredible aroma that just smelled "fresh" for lack of a better term. Not overpowering at all and not "in your face" as #1 described it. The first taste on my tongue revealed an uncomplicated wine where it was very evident that the winemaker allowed the fruit to develop naturally. I could tell right away that nothing had been added to this wine to "make" it taste a certain way. No extra oak, no extra flavorings, no extra nothing, just great, subtle, natural wine. Subsequent tastes confirmed my initial reaction and I found that I didn't want this bottle to end! After my first glass I looked at the label, I don't like to be swayed by the marketing before making up my own mind, and sure enough Kunde calls this Chardonnay Nu. Nothing extra added to influence flavor and are they right on in their label description where a lot of times the label is more salesmanship than anything. If you can find any of this do yourself, and your friends, a huge favor and grab as many bottles as you can. I called T the first thing this morning and told him to hold me 2 cases as I want to be drinking this wine weeks, if not months, from now. I give this one 5 corkscrews and add it to my all-time favorites list. Sit Long, Talk Much, Laugh Often!

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