Wed., 2/21, Searcy, Beebe & Little Rock, AR

"Chardonnay Nu: 'Naked' Chardonnay - no malolactic fermentation, no new oak, no extra flavors to compete with the natural apple, citrus and floral characteristics of the Chardonnay grape. A cool fermentation with a selected yeast strain was followed by minimal handling to allow this wine to showcase itself as naturally as possible. Naked Chardonnay - we think it is worth the effort and trust you will to". - David Noyles, WINEMAKER
Straight from the bottle and probably the most accurate label I've come across in all my days of drinking wine. As my earlier reviews have stated, this is a great wine and it was all we had tonight. Now I know I sound like a paid flak, I guarantee you I am not, and if I ever do submitted reviews it will be with the understanding that I will give an unbiased review and recommendation, or lack thereof. Just wanted a shout out to David Noyles and say that if he ever reads this to keep making wine the way you are making it. You're on to something wonderful!
Short recap on daily doings. A quick trip to Searcy, Arkansas turned into a long trip to Beebe, Arkansas. I was going to see a man who another person had given me his address to that was supposed to be in Searcy but alas it turned out his address was in Beebe. 3 hours roundtrip but accomplished what I set out to do. Nothing to recommend, or not recommend, in either town as it was all about business today and no tourist activity occurred. If there even is tourist activity that could occur. Sit Long, Talk Much, Laugh Often, Drink Wine!

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