Sat. 2/10, Little Rock, AR

Another first with this Trinchero Sauvignon Blanc. I picked this one up Friday on the way home as it was somewhat reasonably priced, for Arkansas, at $11.99/bottle and the clerk gave a recommendation. I've learned to take recommendations with a grain of salt as I've been disappointed with the level of knowledge of wine store help around here. When I open my place I will never hire anyone who doesn't have a somewhat lengthy history with wine or who at least "gets" it. This wine was nice and light like I expect out of a sauvignon blanc and had a variety of melon aromas. My first couple of tastes revealed citrus, melon and maybe just a little vanilla. Just the right amount of acidity and a great finish. #1 agreed that it was a good, every day wine that she would buy again. I give this one 3 corkscrews for drinkability and value. Later in the evening we tried to give the Wyndham Estates Bin 333 Pinot Noir another chance after my review earlier in the week and we both agreed that my rating of 2 corkscrews was probably too high! After a taste by both me and #1 we agreed that the remainder was going down the sink which is reserved for 1 corkscrew rated wines.

On another note just a few items of interest. I read in a Chicago article the other day that U.S. wine consumption is projected to increase 18% a year to $23 billion annually through 2010. Planning to open a store here in Little Rock like no other, I was glad to read that but wasn't surprised. I think with education that figure can go even higher. That's just one of the things missing from the scene here in Arkansas. I also read an article in the Wall Street Journal highlighting where Disney is planning on offering custom wine tours in Tuscany with things planned for the adults and children. Probably a winning idea! Sit Long, Talk Much, Laugh Often!

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