Thurs. 2/8, El Dorado & Little Rock, AR

Another first as I had never tried anything from Bolla. We had a large get together several weeks ago and one of our guests brought this as a gift of sorts. A great couple but they have just been bitten by the wine bug and I wasn't sure how refined their taste buds have become. Not that I'm any wine expert but I remember when I first started drinking wine some fifteen years ago my idea of "good" wine was a little, how can I say this, off the mark! I uncorked this one and let it sit for about 20 minutes or so to allow it to breathe and to let the temperature warm up a little as we keep all of our wine in a KitchenAid wine cellar. When I finally poured a glass I saw a medium-dark, ruby color and smelled spices and some type of berries that I couldn't quite identify. My first taste, and subsequent tastes, revealed spiced cherries and a little bit of blackberry. I wasn't looking forward to this wine as I had a hunger for white but alas the cellar was bare so I was happy that this Italian Red Wine ended up hitting the spot. I'm not sure how much it cost but if it was under $8.75 or so I would be a buyer in the future. I gave this one 3 corkscrews as the taste was what I expect out of a red table wine and I can't imagine that it could possibly cost more than $9.00, making it a good value. Daily wrap-up follows:
I got my first trip to El Dorado, Arkansas as I had a days worth of work to do down there. Not a whole lot to report as I was in an office all day with the highlight being a trip to Applebee's for lunch. This is a small town not unlike many small towns throughout Arkansas and the south. After dinner I sat down and watched Grizzly Man which had arrived via Netflix a couple of days ago. Don't know if you've seen it but it was like watching a train wreck getting ready to happen for the entire movie. The main character, Timothy Treadwell, had some kind of mental disorder that prohibited him from understanding that grizzly bears "will" eat you if given the opportunity. Unfortunately he was able to convince his girlfriend that he had some type of power over grizzly bears with the final result being that they both became an afternoon meal for a hungry bear. Wouldn't recommend this movie unless you can't find anything else to do with your time. Sit Long, Talk Much, Laugh Often!

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