Friday, 2/16, Little Rock, AR

Hard to believe but in less than a two-week period I've come across two, incredible Chardonnay's that I will continue to drink for the foreseeable future. First it was the Kunde Estate Chardonnay and now this 2002 Beaucanon Estate Ehlers Lane Chardonnay from Napa Valley. One thing I'd like to point out is that both of these wines are non-malolactic which is something I've recently discovered and will be on the look out for more. If anyone knows of other non-malolactic Chardonnays being produced out there please email or add a comment as I'm going to be on the hunt for more produced that way and would love to be pointed in the right direction. This Beaucanon had a very fresh aroma of honey, green apple and a slight amount of lemon when I opened it and swirled it around in the stem. Flavors of melon, maybe a little vanilla and lemon/apple greeted my tongue upon my first taste along with a high acidity and just an excellent, overall balance. I also tasted just a hint of oak but nothing like a lot of "in your face" Chards that come out of California. This Chardonnay is medium weighted on the tongue and has a "fresh" quality that is hard to put into words and although it is not as heavy as a lot of Chards it has a huge concentration of flavor. I got this one at $6.99/bottle and have seen it on Beaucanon's website for $16.00/bottle so I consider this a KILLER deal! So good of a deal that I plan on picking up a case of this from T as quick as I can before he runs out. I easily gave this one 5 corkscrews and will add it to my list of favorites! Not sure how readily available this is where you live but I would even recommend buying this from their website if that's the only place you can find it because I think it is good enough to justify the $16 they are asking.
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