Wed. 2/7, Little Rock, AR

As many of you who have started reading this blog can tell, it is constantly evolving and hopefully will get to a point that everyone who stops at this site will at least get something out of it. I've gotten positive feedback on the corkscrew rating system and will continue it. I've also decided to dedicate the first part of each post to a review of the previous nights wine followed by any general thoughts. That way if you're just stopping by to get the review you can do that then head to your next site or email inbox. With that my latest review follows:
As I opened this bottle of 05 Wyndham Estates Bin 333 Pinot Noir I was filled with anticipation and hope due to my earlier positive experience with Wyndham's Chardonnay. I gladly rated it 4 corkscrews and thought that if they could do half as well with their Pinot as they did with their Bin 222 Chardonnay, I would not be disappointed. I couldn't have been more wrong! Wyndham should stick to Chardonnay and leave the Pinot Noir to Rodney Strong and others. As soon as I poured my first glass I was a little suspect as the color swirling around in my glass was far from ruby red. In fact, it was dark pinkish at best. My nose smelled an abundance of cherry rising from the liquid and my first taste confirmed that I was in fact drinking cherry juice, not Pinot Noir. Tannin was non-existent. I blame some of this negative experience on myself as I only paid $9.00/bottle which was $3.00 off its regular price. Even at $12.00 it is almost impossible to find a decent Pinot Noir. I guess the wineries figure that the lower price point only requires them to use the minimum 75% Pinot and who knows what else as the remainder. I am gonna blame some of this on the proprietor where I bought this as I gave him a chance to recommend something better, and more expensive, but he claimed this was a "great" Pinot. I guess he just needed to clear out some inventory and I'll be suspect of his recommendations in the future. I wish wine store help would at least attempt to be honest in their recommendations and it is something I will practice when I open my place. I have to give this one 2 corkscrews as I cannot recommend it and will not buy it again. Sit Long, Talk Much, Laugh Often!


Paul Mathieu said...

This strikes me as a little odd, as I've always enjoyed the BIN 333 and am disappointed that it is no longer available in the Ontario LCBO. Perhaps I am recalling a bottle prior to 2005? The one I remember did have a larger blue label, as well, the bottle may have been shaped differently.

Regardless, I popped online in hopes of finding a vendor to import from. Perhaps I'll opt for a couple of sample bottles of 2005 prior to ordering a case.



Katie said...

I too am disappointed in your review of BIN 333. I personally have thoroughly enjoyed this pinot noir. I have been on a hunt for a relatively inexpensive pinot noir and in my book this one tops my list! Like Paul, I will have to make note of the year I have been enjoying – this could possibly explain our differences. Now my quest is to find this Eastern Australian wine in a Southern California wine store – any ideas?

Donna said...

I agree with this review. I was so confused by this wine last night that I began searching for information on it first thing this morning. I have been lightly exploring wines for several years (from the comfort of home) and usually can count on Australia for a decent glass of red. I found the tasteof Bin 333 (2007) thin, weak, and ultimately immature.
I only drink one or two bottles per week so I will finish this one and then return to a confident Cab.