Wed., 2/14, Valentines Day, Little Rock, AR

Don't want this to be the "lazy blogger" post but it just so happened that we had two favorites tonight that have been reviewed before. One, the Seghesio Barbera and the other the Kunde Estate Chardonnay. Now the fact that it was Valentine's Day night did in fact have a little to do with it as #1 wanted a nice, relaxing night in front of the fire and she requested both of the referenced wines and who am I to deny a woman, especially on Valentine's Day? As they say, "A happy wife, a happy life"! and I do indeed like a happy wife. Link to my previous reviews and you'll see just how much we both like these wines. I promise a new wine review tomorrow, (I'm looking at a Pinot Noir from Sebastini to taste), and will let you know what I think. Hope all had a great Valentine's Day with your spouse and/or significant other. Sit Long, Talk Much, Laugh Often!

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