Monday brought a trip to our nations capitol. After an early morning trip to take the kids to school it was a quick pit stop at the office then a few errands to get ready for my afternoon flight. On the way to school another "Rhettism" occurred. As he was playing Donkey Kong 2 on his Gameboy Advance SP evidently one of his monkey's bit the dust which he responded to with "Why do the good have to die so young?" Don't ask where he came up with that one.

After a nice lunch with #1, I hopped aboard an afternoon Southwest flight to Baltimore. SWA is the only thing flying out of The Rock that goes non-stop to anywhere near D.C. I got to my hotel around 7:30 p.m. and went to check in. I'm staying at the Grand Hyatt on H Street, great location and a nice, classy hotel. However, don't expect to get what you reserve! As Seinfeld once said, "They know how to take the reservation, they just don't know how to keep it!" I reserved my room well over a month ago, a King-sized, non-smoking, and of course when I checked in they had nothing but doubles. They tried to bribe me with free continental breakfast, not even full breakfast, but I would have rather had the room I reserved. Oh, well. I'll write a letter to Hyatt corporate and see if that does any good. Probably not. I had a crab cake sandwich in the Grand Slam Sports Bar in the lobby of the Grand Hyatt which was accompanied by a nice, decent glass of 2005 Glass Mountain Chardonnay. Typical huge hotel mark-up, $6/glass but nice flavors of apple, vanilla and a slight oakey finish. I'd drink it again and it was by far the most affordable on the menu. Tomorrow I'll watch the State of the Union here in D.C. and head home on Wednesday. Sit Long, Talk Much, Laugh Often!

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